St. Jude Shrine - Yoodhapuram
Diocese of Verapoly Kidangoor.,Ernakulam Dist.
Kerala, India

Vidyarambham is the occassion when young children are introduced into the world of alphabets or letters as they take their first step into the world of knowledge. The traditional ceremony of Vidyarambham (Vidya means "knowledge" , arambham means "beginning') is held on Vijayadashami (the last day of Navaratri) day. Initiation into the world of alphabets usually begins with the writing of the mantra "Om hari sri ganapataye namah" Hari refers to the Lord, sri, to prosperity. Initially, the mantra is written on sand or in a tray of rice grains. Then, the master/ teacher/ elder would write the mantra on the child's tongue with gold.
Writing on sand denotes practice. Writing on grains denotes the acquisition of knowledge, which leads to prosperity. Writing on the tongue with gold invokes the grace of the Goddess of Learning; Saraswati, by which one attains the wealth of true knowledge.


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